Funeral Directors

We are a longstanding member of the IAFD (Irish Association of Funeral Directors. Seamus and Niall are both accredited in the Certificate of Funeral Practice (CFP). For us, every funeral is unique and deeply personal. The choices available to you are limitless and we ensure you are able to create a tailored funeral for your loved one. You can also be assured that you’ll receive uncomplicated explanations and open and honest answers in order for you to make informed decisions.

We deliver our funeral services with local knowledge and unparalleled expertise, helping you to arrange a personal and dignified send-off that perfectly reflects the life of your loved one.

We are here to support and advise you at every stage, with uncompromising compassion. Every one of us at Flynn’s is committed to setting superior standards and we promise to provide unequalled support, reassurance and attention to detail when arranging a funeral.

Embalming Services

Seeing a loved one again after they have passed can be very important to some people. It is important that a deceased person is presented for viewing in the best possible way and embalming can help with this. Embalming is a process of temporary preservation using the arterial system to distribute a solution of formaldehyde.

We have a funeral home where you can spend time with your loved one as they repose. We can also bring them home or to a place of worship where people can pay their last respects.


Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral and burial. Its ease and affordability simplify end-of-life decisions. If your loved one wished to be cremated, we can liaise with medical authorities and crematoria of your choice. From a Full-Service Funeral to a Direct Cremation. We ensure that your loved one’s wishes are fulfilled.

Direct Cremation

Your loved one receives a cremation carried out with professionalism and dignity. Without compromising on quality, it offers the same high standard of funeral care associated with the Flynn name.

How Does A Direct Cremation Work?

A direct cremation involves no formal funeral service. It is usually unattended but, in the case of family-led funerals, can include a gathering of mourners. 

A Direct Cremation Includes:

  • Organising a doctor to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • Collecting your loved one from the hospital, along with their preparation and care until the day of the funeral
  • Transportation to the crematorium in the funeral vehicle
  • The safe return of ashes to the family.


Water Cremation, also known as Resomation or Green Cremation, is an alternative to flame cremation or burial. 


Repatriation is returning a person to their country of origin. We have extensive experience in repatriating someone who has died in Ireland back to their country of origin. This will involve co-ordination of all documents from coroners, embassies and airlines.

Pre-Planned Funerals

A prepaid or pre-arranged funeral plan is an arrangement that you make with the funeral directing service where you make plans for your own funeral. Most often, pre-arranged funerals aim to save your loved ones from the emotional and financial stress of having to plan your funeral.

The time of planning a funeral—from the time of death to the final services like a memorial— also includes a decision-making process that can be difficult to follow through at a time of grieving.

This is why a pre-arranged agreement is often considered beneficial.